540 Condo Lobby


Located in the Gold Coast neighborhood of Chicago, IL. we designed a new lobby for the 540 North Lake Shore Drive Condominium Association. The existing 7 story building is one of the few remaining heavy timber loft buildings in the city. Our goal was to expose the beautiful wood columns and beams and to decorate the lobby with Chicago historical photographs like an art gallery. The existing lobby had the management office in the front which blocked all the natural light so we moved the office to the rear. The mailboxes were previously placed on two walls resulting in cross traffic so we moved the mailboxes to one wall to solve this problem. A Juncker’s solid wood floor was specified and red painted accent walls were added to display art for the gallery feel. The new reception desk utilized cherry wood veneer and galaxy black granite with satin brass trim. The lobby was designed to respect the history of the building and provide a unique and memorable space for residents and guests to enjoy.

The condo building market is a competitive one. Having modernized common areas in your condo building increases the value of your property, retains existing residents and attracts new owners and renters to your building.