Engineering Firm


This engineering firm renovation consisted of a new workspace and innovation center for the engineering department. The Client designs and fabricates mechanical seals for the oil industry. There were number of problems that had to be solved. Design teams needed an environment where they could collaborate easier. There were no small meeting areas for impromptu get togethers, not enough conference rooms and no built-in technology to share ideas. We added a plethora of different meeting zones from small two-person phone booths, private booths, casual lounge spaces and larger conference rooms. A common issue in open offices is lack of privacy so we solved this issue with three sound proof phone-booth spaces that accommodates 1 to 4 people, one room has video conferencing. All meeting spaces have plug and play technology to share via TV. Shared peninsulas at the desks are commonly used to review technical drawings. The innovation center lounge in the middle serves a few purposes.  Besides being a space to attract new talent, it is café, break room, meeting area and presentation space. The most important problem was that the engineering department lacked identity. This department was the creative hub of the company and was isolated in a drab office with 6’-0” tall cubicles. The old floor plan was laid out inefficiently with lots of unused space and two departments that were no longer being used. We removed unnecessary desks and equipment then created the innovation center in its place. Now, we had room to include all types of new meeting areas and conference rooms. Identity was supercharged with bold colors, dynamic wall graphics and the use of natural materials to recall the beautiful forest outside. The wall graphics consisted of abstracted photos of mechanical seals the department designed overlaying their technical drawings. The company fabricates their own products via the attached factory so we introduced some materials that have an industrial look. Diamond plated steel and bare concrete looking flooring rough-up up the finish palette a bit. The wood resilient floor against the diamond plated floor is a unique contrast and combination of materials. We maximized natural light in the space by lowering work station panels, cutting a long slot in the break room wall and using all glass enclosures on the perimeter.