River East Penthouse


This penthouse was designed for a retired couple who originally lived in the suburbs looking to downsize. Their former home was traditional so the new space had a hip and modern feel. The existing condo was demolished. Only one bedroom was needed but the couple still wanted a space for guests to sleep. The office solved this issue by doubling as a guest sleeping area. A large living area was provided to entertain and enjoy views of the city and Lake Michigan. The project did have challenges. The ceiling was low ranging from 7’-10” to 7’-11” so we needed to make the space look taller. Also, the ceiling was concrete so no recessed lights could be used. We used soffits to run electrical to areas we needed and to install recessed lights. The soffits also defined areas and made the space more dynamic. Coved lighting was used to give the feeling of a taller space. We used an engineered wood floor because it was thin, only 3/8” thick compared to standard 3/4” hardwood. This way we gained 3/8” of ceiling height. The major challenge however was the huge structural column in the middle of the kitchen. The kitchen had to stay in the same area as the old per condo rules so we had to make it work. Our solution was to celebrate the column and install LED back-lit onyx slabs. At the lounge we used back-lit stone slabs to provide additional light and to double as art. Curved shapes used in the design and furniture echo the feeling of water inspired by the lake.