Rock Star Bath


This unique bathroom was designed for a client who utilized a wheelchair. The dual shower is roll-in with a sliding glass barn door. Stainless steel tubing frames and protects the floating vanity from any contact with the wheelchair. Both the tile and counter tops have a brushed finish which helps hide scratches and creates a mysterious pattern. Etched glass was used on the door to let in natural light from the bedroom. The entire bathroom was designed as a wet room with surfaces that are easy to clean. All of the cabinets are finished in durable and easy to clean wood laminate. One of the goals was to keep the room as uncluttered as possible. We used invisible speakers that are taped and painted over so you can’t see them. They sound incredible and best of all you can't tell where they are. The feature wall in the shower is composed of 12”x48” sculptural porcelain tile. A LED cove light grazes the tile for dramatic effect.