Sentinel Tehnologies


Sentinel Technologies is a communications and technology company based in Warrenville, IL. They offer a wide variety of tech services for their customers. Their 14,000 office was transformed to reflect their high-tech products and services and to offer an innovate working environment for their employees. The main entrance lobby and open office area were completely renovated and rebranded. The new design balances a sleek and modern aesthetic with a sense of playfulness and color. The lobby design included all new material, lights, graphics, furniture and a custom reception desk. The lights on the ceiling are meant to recall movement and the speed of light. The reception desk uses a glowing back-lit panel symbolizing a window to new ideas. Balancing the cool material palette, the custom reception desk uses a wood panel surrounded by polished stainless steel to bring in a hint of nature. Custom graphics surround the video display and the dark blue wall creates intense contrast with their white back-lit logo. The open office space includes motorized sit to stand workstations with frosted fins that provide visual privacy when seated and openness while standing up. The main entry to the open office includes a dynamic and colorful wall sculpture that also has acoustical properties to keep the work space quiet. Accent walls of blue and grey stripes (all of different widths) are scattered throughout to break-up the long walls enclosing the private offices and to provide visual interest. Sculptural screens divide the open office space and create private lounge hang-outs.